Everyone has dental needs. Often, the discomfort, cost, and just the hassle of making multiple trips
to the dental office keep
from getting the dental treatment
that we need.
At Affordent, we can combine the latest in Sirona all-ceramic dental restoration technology with an
on-site laboratory to provide our patients with their crowns, veneers and other dental restorations in as little as one day!

Our quality is exceptional and the best part of all is our prices with

crowns starting at $695 each!*

An all-ceramic dental restoration is not only convenient when made this way but it is also very healthy for the patient. In the past, dentists had fewer options for restoring teeth and these options included amalgam, gold, and other metals.

An all-ceramic dental restoration provides the patient w
ith a restoration that better matches their natural tooth color, strength, and composition.

You will see the difference!

At Affordent, the all-ceramic dental restorations can be digitally designed and made on-site. Then the ceramist applies additional finishing touches such as coloring to give the restoration the most natural
and cosmetically pleasing look reasonably possible.

The Sirona system allows qualified patients to arrive in the morning, have their impressions taken, and then come back in the afternoon to have their crown, veneer or other all-ceramic dental restoration delivered. For the patient, this can mean less time taken out of an already busy schedule and less time in the dental chair.

*Price does not include x-rays, examinations, and other services.

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